SAYACINTAINDONESIA — Did you know that every country has a national flower? Usually the selection of national flowers is related to cultural factors and the characteristics of a country. For example, Japan with cherry blossoms, the United States with roses, India with lotus flowers.

So, what about Indonesia? Indonesia itself has an extraordinary diversity of flora. In fact, various sources often dub Indonesia as a mega biodiversity, with  about 2 million species of flowers scattered throughout the country. A lot isn’t it?

There are 3 special flowers that were specifically selected as the national flower of Indonesia by Presidential Decree no. 4 of 1993. These flowers are considered to represent the Indonesian nation, either because of the hidden meaning in them or because of their beauty and uniqueness.

1. Jasmine Flower, Puspa Nation

This Flowers have the Latin name which is “Jasminum Sambac”. This is very easy to find in various regions of the country. Jasmine plants are grouped in shrubs, namely woody plants that are branched, grow low close to the ground, and do not have upright stems. 

Jasmine only has a height of about 0.3-3 meters. Philosophically, jasmine flowers are considered a symbol of purity and purity. This flower is often used in various wedding ceremonies, one of which is in Javanese customs.

The presence of jasmine holds the meaning of beauty and humility, because even though it does not grow tall, it has a fragrant aroma that smells good. This flower contains the hope that Indonesia will become a nation that is sincere and pure in its various ethnic and cultural diversity, also cannot be separated from humility accompanied by the spirit to continue to make the nation’s name proud.

2. Moon Orchid Flower, Puspa Enchantment

Who does not agree with the beauty of the moon orchid? First discovered in Maluku by a Dutch botanist, named Dr. CL Blume. This flower with the Latin name “Phalaenopsis Amabilis” grows epiphytes by attaching to trunks or tree branches in forests. The moon orchid does not like direct sun exposure, because it belongs to the Monopodial type that survives only with little sunlight.

It’s no wonder that the nickname of this national flower is followed by the word “charm” because the character of its large and white petals is able to amaze us with its beauty. This beauty can also survive and thrive even though it is located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level.

3. Giant Padma Flower, Rare Puspa

This giant flower named Rafflesia Arnoldii which is classified as rare  has 5 crown leaves that surround the middle. One of the uniqueness of this flower is the foul smell it produces to attract pollinating insects such as flies. Don’t get me wrong, this lotus flower is not the same as a corpse flower. Giant Padma Flowers have a very short lifespan, only 5-7 days later wither and die. So it is very worthy of the title as a rare puspa.

So, those are the 3 national flowers of Indonesia. Flowers have many meanings and become part of the history of a nation. Her beauty will also make your special moments even more special. 


Image: Unsplash