SAYACINTAINDONESIA — Hello literacy friends, I hope you are always healthy. This time we will discuss the Gurindam Twelve by Raja Ali Haji. Well, before going into the core of the previous discussion, we will explain what is Gurindam Twelve.

What is Gurindam Twelve

Gurindam twelve is a poem or in another sense is a collection of poems. Gurindam twelve is also a collection of poems.

The History of the Twelve Gurindam

The history of Gurindam Twelve and a brief explanation, Gurindam Dua Belas was created by Raja Ali Haji on Penyengat Island, one of the provinces that is now the Riau Archipelago. Raja Ali Haji was a writer in the Riau Archipelago who was very famous in his time. Currently, Raja Ali Haji is crowned as a National Hero.

The history of Gurindam Dua Belas began when Raja Ali Haji wanted to propose to one of the girls named Engku Puteri Hamidah who lived in Pulau Penyengat. Gurindam Dua Belas was originally as a dowry. This dowry is inscribed on a marble stone as a great proof of Raja Ali Haji’s love.

The first Gurindam Twelve was on 23 Rajab 1264 Hijriyah or 1847 AD when he was 38 years old. Gurindam Twelve contains 12 articles and is categorized as Syi’r Al-Irsyadi.

Features Contained in Gurindam Twelve

From the language in the form of per sentence in Gurindam Dua Belas which has the meaning contained in it has characteristics, the following are some of the characteristics contained:


In Gurindam the twelve have two rows in a trap. Each line contained has a complete, interrelated or continuous meaning between the first line and the next line. The first line is “Terms” and the second line is “Answer”.


The number of syllables in the twelve gurindam is not fixed or does not have the same number of syllables.


Ending rhymes don’t stay the same as syllables.

The Word

The number of words on a line is not fixed.