Don’t Worry be Happy Welcome 2022!


As 2021 came to an end people across the world came out and celebrated the new year. Even though our world has been plagued by Covid-19 and its different variants. Many people despite the risk to their health, which depending on who you talked to could be great, people still came out and brought in the new year with a bang.

2022 is a new year. As always people reflect on the past year looking at all the good and the bad things that happened. When looking back I see a lot of turmoil caused not necessarily by a virus but all the misinformation about the virus that spread across the internet just like the virus spread across the world. Some things to this day I don’t know exactly how bad the virus effects our world population.  If you listen to the media, they act as if the sky is falling which is their way of getting clicks on their sites to earn money. I watched as many so-called journalists have been caught in lies just to push a narrative for one political side or the other. There used to be some integrity in the media but that seems to have been disregarded by the so-called journalist.

I got sidetracked there for a minute let me talk more about COVID and its variants. From the beginning we were told that this virus could kill many people and to expect the worst. It seems that from the beginning many were pushing a doomsday scenario. Every couple of months they would change what we were supposed to do to protect ourselves. They claimed they were following the science. Though everything we survived, and things started to look up for everyone. Then along comes the omicron variant and they started pushing the fear button again. Here is what we know about this new variant. Its symptoms are less severe than the variants that came before it. Trying to find out exactly how many died from it is virtually impossible. If you do a search online regarding the death rate of the omicron variant, they talk about everything but that. As an American I look at how it is affecting America and I know of only on death from it. From what I have read it seems that this new variant is no worst than the flu and as we get better medicine it will go the way of the flu and become a normal occurrence at certain times a year.

I will close with live your life don’t let a virus live it for you.  Maybe it is time we start looking at the current situation without letting people play on our fears and once again begin to live normal lives. I am not a doctor or an expert on viruses so I would recommend that you follow your doctor’s advice but don’t be afraid to get a second opinion. Because when it comes right down to it, they can only give you an opinion and even though it is based on their knowledge a second opinion never hurts. Let’s start the new year out without the fears driven by a few people.

This article is my personal opinions based on things I have read, watching different news channels and discussions I have had with family and friends. I want everyone to take the time and do their own research and not rely on any one source for information.

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