Hey! I’m a student from Daegu, South Korea. I moved to Jakarta last year in 2020. Now I study in an international school here in Jakarta. I’m currently living in South Jakarta, in my opinion here’s the best place to live. Because, we can easily reach each place such as Malls, other cities, and some facilities.

At first, once I arrived here, everyone looked busy. High buildings, a lot of motorcycles and cars, and a lot of people on the street made me feel that way. But after I lived here for more than a year, I am getting used to it. I like living here mostly because the people look friendly and happy. For example, many people on the street say hi to each other even though they don’t know each other. Also, I can see Indonesians are really helpful.

Other thing that I like about Indonesia is the weather. During the dry season, I think it’s the best season to go swimming. However, I can’t swim. On the other hand, during the rainy season, it’s really wet but I like the atmosphere during the rain. I would suggest staying at home and enjoying the atmosphere. But, I feel like it’s hard to tell when it’s going to rain in Jakarta nowadays.

I tried some Indonesian food in Jakarta and it was good. For example, sate is my favorite Indonesian food. I heard Indonesian foods are mostly spicy, in my opinion, food without spicy was better. I also have tried other Indonesian food, like sop buntut. It reminds me of one of my favorite Korean foods, Korean oxtail soup. Hopefully, after the pandemic, I can go try more delicious Indonesian foods.

It’s been one and a half year since I’ve lived in Indonesia. However, I still can’t go outside often, but I really like this country. I still have a lot to explore in Indonesia. I hope I can start this exploration safely after the pandemic.


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