SAYACINTAINDONESIA — Real-f, a Japanese startup company, provides an opportunity for you to see yourself in a new way.

For £2,500 the company will take a photo of your face and then print it in 3D to turn it into a ‘face’ made of solid vinyl chloride. The result, a model called 3DPF or 3 Dimensional Photo Form. If a face isn’t enough, you can even make a full 3D photocopy of your head, including the shoulders.

Human face copy technology – Japan

Real-f isn’t the first company to attempt to make masks out of human faces. However, the model produced by Real-f is the most realistic. Real-f claims, you can even see the blood vessels and membranes of the eyeball. They even mention that their technology is a human ‘photocopying’ process.

“We have gone from monochrome to color. Now is the time for the era of 3-dimensional stereoscopic effects” said Real-f, as quoted by DailyMail.

Real-f doesn’t really explain what their goal is to make this technology. However, there are indications that users can attach their ‘heads’ to the model. Whatever the use, customers need to wait 2 weeks for your head to be finished.

Source: DailyMail